Caring for our World here at Home

Including the Essex Land Trust in your estate plan is a meaningful way to invest in the future of our community. Make a planned gift — of any size — to join the Falls River Society.

Legacy Gifts.

Many legacy gifts offer valuable tax benefits.  Each represents a flexible giving opportunity to match your gift to your goals and values — Make the right choice for you. Some options include:

  • A bequest from your will or trust
  • An IRA or insurance beneficiary
  • A life income arrangement such as a charitable gift annuity or trust
  • Real estate

To make any legacy gift, it is important that you get the advice of your financial advisor and attorney. If you or your advisors have any questions, contact us:

The Falls River Society was established to honor those who have chosen to support the Essex Land Trust’s efforts with a planned gift. Individuals become members once we have received notification of their gift on this enrollment form. Members are listed on our annual list of members and supporters unless they request to remain anonymous.

Click HERE to download the Falls River Society brochure.