Land Trusts Photo Contest Winners Announced

The 11th Annual Land Trusts Photo Contest winners were announced at a March 10, 2017
reception that displayed all the 240 entered photos. Land trusts in Lyme, Old Lyme, Salem,
Essex and East Haddam sponsor the annual amateur photo contest to celebrate the scenic
countryside and diverse wildlife and plants in these towns. The ages of the photographers
ranged from children to senior citizens.

Cheryl Philopena won the John G. Mitchell Environmental Conservation Award for the
photograph that best promotes the natural world with her beautiful photograph of a
bursting milkweed seedpod. Alison Mitchell personally presented the award, created in
memory of her late husband John G. Mitchell, an editor at National Geographic, who
championed the cause of the environment.

Judges Joe Standart, an award-winning photographer, director and internationally known
artist who loves photographing the natural world; Amy Kurtz Lansing, an accomplished art
historian and curator at the Florence Griswold Museum; and Skip Broom, a respected,
award-winning local photographer and antique house restoration housewright, chose the
winning photographs.

Support for cash awards was provided by corporate sponsors RiverQuest/ CT River
Expeditions, Lorensen Auto Group, The Oakley Wing Group at Morgan Stanley, Evan
Griswold at Coldwell Banker, Ballek’s Garden Center, Essex Savings Bank, and Alison
Mitchell in honor of her late husband John G. Mitchell. Big Y provided support for the reception.

The winning photographers are:

John G. Mitchell Environmental Award   “Bursting Open” Salem, Cheryl Philopena, Salem

First Place   “Dying Leaves” Lyme, Judah Waldo, of Old Lyme
Second Place    “Translucent Leaves” Old Lyme, Jacob Kateley, of Deep River
Third Place   “Alone” Gardner Lake, Salem, Ava Frausini, of Salem
Honorable Mention   “Tickets Please” Essex, Ashley Holt, of Westbrook
Honorable Mention   “Leaving Town” Haddam, Emily Kateley, of Deep River
Honorable Mention   “Fresh Day Lily” Old Lyme, Lael Colton, of NYC

First Place   “Old #97” Essex, Richard A. Busch, of Bark Hamsted
Second Place   “Untitled” East Haddam, Megan Martin, of East Haddam

Third Place   “Wooden Wheels” Centerbrook - Essex, Marcus Maronn, of Mystic
Honorable Mention   “Old Woodshed” Salem, Cheryl Philopena, of Salem
Honorable Mention   “Ghost of Essex Past” Essex, Richard Spearrin, of Essex
Honorable Mention   “Morning Refelction” Salem, Terri Schenk, of Salem


First Place   “Waterset” Essex, Susan Chamberland, of Ivoryton
Second Place   “Untitled” Old Lyme, Kam Ghaffari, of East Lyme
Third Place  “Fading Fast” Old Lyme, Erin Reemsnyder, of Old Lyme
Honorable Mention   “Ice Crystals” Old Lyme, Gerry Graves, of Old Lyme
Honorable Mention   “Misty Morning on the River” Essex, Susan Scott, of Essex
Honorable Mention   “Pampas Grass” Salem, Linda Water, of Salem


First Place   “Hosta Bud” Old Lyme, Harcourt Davis, of Old Lyme
Second Place   “After the Rain” Salem, Laura Stroebel, of Salem
Third Place   “Woven Stone” Hadlyme, Christine Darnell, of Chester
Honorable Mention   “Konstellations in the Kelp” Old Lyme, Susan Hurley, of East Lyme
Honorable Mention   “Daisy Dew” Essex, Susan Scott, of Essex
Honorable Mention   “Early Morning Beauty” Salem, Linda Caldwell, of Salem


First Place   “Great Blue Herons Feeding” Lyme, Hank Golet, of Old Lyme
Second Place   “Winter Gulls” Essex, Susan Scott, of Essex
Third Place   “Hummingbird with Flower” Salem, Linda Waters, of Salem
Honorable Mention   “Toe Drag” Old Lyme, Michael Aronson, of Farmington
Honorable Mention   “Widow Skimmer Dragonfly” East Haddam, Christopher Flick, of Old Saybrook
Honorable Mention   “Black-bellied Plover with his Dinner” Old Lyme, Christian Tompkins, of Old Lyme

The winning photos can be viewed at

Essex Open Space Properties Brochure - January 2016 Edition

We have updated our properties brochure to include all Essex Land Trust and Town of Essex Open Space properties. Twenty-one different locations are listed as well as two pocket parks. This brochure lists the properties, gives a brief description and specifies access points including GPS coordinates which can be used on most smartphone map applications. In addition, there is a town map showing where all the properties can be found. The Essex Land Trust owns, manages and holds conservation easements on approximately 879 acres of town land, 600 of which it owns outright. Properties are open to the public free of charge. Click Here to access a copy of the latest Essex Land Trust Properties brochure.






The Trust for Public Land Releases Official Trail Map for The Preserve

We are pleased to release of the first Official trail maps for The Preserve. There are two versions available: one of the entire property and a second that zooms in to the Essex sections. The 1000-acre forest, known popularly as The Preserve, this unique, intact and contiguous tract is now open for public passive recreation. Among other characteristics, The Preserve features 114 acres of wetlands, including 38 vernal pools; 3,000 feet of watercourses; a 30-acre swamp; a mature coastal forest, three rocky ridge formations and a diverse population of animals and plants (for example, 25 species of amphibians, 30 kinds of mammals and 57 different birds). The Essex Land Trust manages the 70 acres located in the town of Essex and has established two access points, both of which are on Ingham Hill Road, off of Route 153, Westbrook Road. Trails have been marked. Download a copy of either map by clicking the map image below.






Essex Woods & Waters
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