The Essex Land Trust has approximately 400 members and is guided by a Board of Directors elected at an Annual Meeting each spring. Decisions on Land Trust activities are made at monthly Board meetings.


ELT members are encouraged to volunteer for activities ranging from property maintenance
to various Board committees.


For further information about Essex Land Trust, please contact us at


Essex Land Trust Board of Directors

Nancy Rambeau President 860-767-1523
Bob Nussbaum Vice-President & Development 860-767-0811
Stephanie Gatto Secretary 860-581-8776
Mike Carlucci Treasurer 860-767-2032
Joel Anik Accreditation 860-581-8053
Chester Arnold Special Projects 860-767-7173
Jeff Croyle Nominating, Volunteers 845-323-0039
Jim Denham Communications 860-767-0306
Cynthia Field Archivist 860-767-8559
Geoff Furtney Chief Steward 860-805-6495
Paul Greenberg Land Acquisition 860-767-7355
Tom Rutherford Strategic Planning 860-767-9474
Judy Saunders Events & Programs 860-581-8108
Barbara Sarrantonio Member at Large 860-767-7900