Books to Explore

Explorers! Here are some great books that you may enjoy:

The Kids’ Outdoor Adventure Book: 448 Great Things to Do in Nature Before You Grow Up by Stacy Tornio and Ken Keffer – This book is filled with fun outdoor activities, games, and nature facts perfect for young adventurers.
National Geographic Kids Ultimate Explorer Field Guide: Birds by Julie Beer – A colorful guide that introduces kids to the world of birds with stunning photographs and fascinating facts.
The Stick Book: Loads of Things You Can Make or Do with a Stick by Fiona Danks and Jo Schofield – Encourages creativity and imagination with ideas for outdoor play using sticks, perfect for young explorers.
A Walk in the Woods: Into the Field Guide by Emily Laber-Warren – This interactive field guide introduces kids to the wonders of the forest with activities, crafts, and wildlife facts.
The Nature Connection: An Outdoor Workbook for Kids, Families, and Classrooms by Clare Walker Leslie – A hands-on guide to exploring and connecting with nature through activities, journaling, and observation.
The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs: Use Outdoor Clues to Find Your Way, Predict the Weather, Locate Water, Track Animals—and Other Forgotten Skills by Tristan Gooley – Teaches young hikers how to read and interpret nature’s signs, perfect for budding naturalists.

These books offer a blend of educational content, outdoor activities, and inspiration for young hikers and nature lovers. Happy reading and exploring!

Essex Land Trust Guides

The Essex Land Trust has created three guides to help you learn about and enjoy the outdoors. All three guides are free to land trust members or can be purchased. If you are interested in acquiring any of these contact us at: