Friends of Mill Pond Association

The Friends of Mill Pond Association is a group of property owners and supporters interested in caring for the section of the Falls River in Ivoryton and Centerbrook known as the Mill Pond. It was organized in the early 1980s after the 1982 Ivoryton flood. Its mission is to preserve the Mill Pond and provide a recreation resource allowing access for kayaks, canoes, and fishing.

The Association focuses on controlling the presence of invasive weeds which, in the past, have spread uncontrollably throughout the pond. The main infestation is of Fanwort or Cabomba Caroliniana, which needs to be addressed on an annual basis to keep it under control. Connecticut Pond Services is the licensed provider for all pond treatments. They coordinate State permitting and use only the most effective and environmentally sound products.

Funding for treating invasive weeds is voluntary and is derived from donations from abutters to the Mill Pond and supporters. The Essex Land Trust is a member of the Association and makes an annual contribution given that it owns substantial shoreline through its Falls River Preserve, Falls River Park, Stanley Park, and Jean’s Island properties.

As a member of the Friends of Mill Pond Association, The Essex Land Trust participates in the Steering Committee which includes several property owners and is chaired by Mill Pond resident Mike Delouchry.  Tax deductible donations made for the Association are submitted to the Essex Land Trust, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, for exclusive use of the Mill Pond Association.

Anyone interested in learning more about the Friends of Mill Pond Association should direct their communication to Mike Delouchry, 860-767-1486, email: