Caring for our World here at Home

Woods & Waters, the Essex Land Trust’s newsletter, is published three times a year and reaches over 400 members and supporters. Its aim is to share news of developments in the Essex Land Trust, feature articles about projects in which the land trust has been involved, recognize volunteers who have made substantial contributions, and educate members on the value of a healthy natural environment which the land trust is committed to protect in perpetuity.

The land trust gratefully acknowledges The Carlson Family Foundation for its generous support in sponsoring the costs associated with the printing and mailing of Woods & Waters

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Essex Land Trust Annual Meeting

Dark Skies for the Lower Connecticut River

Volunteer Spotlight: George Wendell

Caution: Wetland at Work

Arbor Day at Essex Elementary School

Briefs: Membership Campaign, Wildlife Guide, Essex Savings Bank Award

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Winter 2023


Volunteer Spotlight: Scott “The Real” McCoid

Volunteer Opportunities

Steward’s Handbook

Follow the Falls Part Three: Ivoryton

Essex Land Trust Instagram Needs You!

Public Use and Dog Policy

The Lower Connecticut River 19 Town Challenge

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Fall 2022

Essex Land Trust moves into the 21st Century, learns about invention called “electricity”

The 1982 Ivoryton Flood  Part Three – The Morning After

Volunteer Spotlight: Stuart Warner, The Nonagenarian Steward

Memorial Gifts Have a Lasting Impact

Bill Grover – Celebration of Life

ELT Briefs

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Summer 2022

Why Start an American Chestnut Orchard?

Millrace Walk & Talk

The 1982 Ivoryton Flood, Part 2

Volunteer Spotlight: Bob Nussbaum, Ageless Wonder

Essex Land Trust 53rd Annual Meeting

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Winter 2022

The Great Flood of 1982, Part 1

How One Family Really Enjoys Essex Land Trust Preserves

The Essex Land Trust Needs You!

Volunteer Spotlight: Myron Stacks, “Opus Vita”

Source to Sea Cleanup

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Fall 2021

Learning About Restoring Habitat

Cross Lots’ Meadows

Climate Change and Connecticut: What is happening and what does it mean for us?

Volunteer Spotlight – Everybody’s Steward: Al Macgregor

Green Space Can Almost Be Spiritual

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