Bushy Hill/Platt

137 acres – 4 trails. Stewards: Richard Helmecki (860-767-2219), Terry Stewart (860 304-1928). Access: off Bushy Hill Road, Ivoryton. Dogs must be on leash.

Canfield Meadow Woods

369 acres in Essex and Deep River – 15 trails. Stewards: Tom Soboleski (860-304-1503), George Wendell (860-767-1593), Chuck Grusse (860-767-7577). Access: Book Hill Woods Road, Dennison Road and Eagle Ridge Drive, Essex, and off Route 154 in Deep River.

Cross Lots

15 acres – Multiple trails. Stewards: Al Macgregor (860-767-0693), Leif Owens (651-503-5485). Pollinator Garden, Pam Peters (973-809-6832). Access: 40 West Avenue, Essex, diagonally across from the Essex Public Library.

Falls River Preserve, Falls River Park, Stanley Park, & Jean’s Island

56 Acres – 5 trails. Stewards: John Matthiessen (860-767-1222), Bob & Sue Cornell (860-227-0104). Access: at the end of Falls River Drive, off Main Street, Ivoryton. Canoe/Kayak access to Mill Pond at Falls River Park on Falls River Drive.

Fern Ledge & Farm Hill Estates

17 acres – 2 trails. Stewards: Jeff Hutchinson (860-395-7456), Dick Hollyday (917-952-3643). Access: next to Middlesex Hospital Occupational & Environmental Services facility, off Route 153, Essex and from the end of Carol Lane.

Great Meadow & North Cove

91 acres – No trails. Steward: Todd Samuelson (860-304-7790). No public access by land. Canoe/Kayak access from Bushnell Street landing, Essex.

Heron Pond

29 acres – 5 trails. Steward: Mike Cunningham (617-947-2745). Access: Heron Pond Road, off Route 154, Essex.

James Glen, Doanes’ Woods & Woodja Hill

40 acres – James Glen (2 trails), Doanes’ Woods (4 trails), Woodja Hill (3 trails). Stewards: Mike Augusta (860-772-7280), Mark Kayfez (860-581-0526), David Newbegin (860-395-9035), Dirk Samuelson (860-391-2205). Trail Monitor: Gery Barry. Access: Hudson Lane, Navy Lane, and Oxbow Lane, Essex.

Johnson Farm

49 acres – 4 trails Steward: Mark Carroza (860-951-5853) Birds Steward: John Mikstay (917-696-0589). Trail Monitor: Mark Brustelon. Access: Reed Hill Road, Ivoryton. Pedestrian access off Walnut Street, Ivoryton (no parking).

The Millrace

7 acres – 2 trails. Steward: Scott McCoid (860-227-6224). Access: Ivory St., Ivoryton (parking) and at Main St./Walnut Street intersection.

Morgana’s Place

Pocket park – Steward: Wilk Miller (646-618-1906). Access: Corner of North Main and New City Streets, Essex.

Osage Trails

8 acres – 1 trail. Steward: Eric Tillman (203- 249-8158). Elizabeth ‘Diz’ Callender Perennial Garden, Pam Peters (973-809-6832). Access: Take Maple Avenue off North Main Street to Foxboro Point Road, Essex.

Pond Meadow

25 acres – 2 trails. Stewards: John Cosenza (860-227-5822), Joell Jacob & Gerry Polinsky (401-499-6220) Access: Park Road, off Walnut Street, Ivoryton.

The Preserve

923 acres (70 acres in Essex) –  numerous trails. Stewards: Myron Stacks (860-510-3458), Todd Samuelson (860-767-7298), Dick Hollyday (917-952-3643). Access: two parking locations in Essex on Ingham Hill Road, off Route 153, Essex.

Thatchbed Island & South Cove

8 acres – No trails or public access. Stewards: Paul Greenberg (860-767-7355), Bob & Sue Cornell (860-227-0104). Access to South Cove from canoe/kayak launch at foot of Main Street and from Essex Town Park, on Main Street, Essex.

Tiley Pratt Pond

9 acres – 1 trail. Steward: Corrine Terry (770-547-8649. Access: on unmarked Kreis Lane off Laurel Road, Essex; look for Essex Land Trust sign.

Turtle Creek

96 acres (62 in Essex & 34 in Old Saybrook) – 5 trails. Stewards: Wright and Deb Carreau (860-372-5293). Access: on Watrous Point Rd., off Route 154, Old Saybrook. Beach and canoe/kayak access from Connecticut River. Dogs must be on leash.

Viney Hill Brook Park

104 acres – 6 trails. Stewards: Frank Hall (860-989-0367), Richard Helmecki (860-767-2219). Access: Cedar Grove Terrace: passive recreation entrance; Hillside Drive: active, passive recreation and paw park entrance, Essex. Dogs must be on leash.

Windswept Ridge

47 acres – 5 trails. Stewards: Jeff Croyle (845-323-0039), Corrine Terry (770-547-8649). Access from 3 locations: behind Essex Financial Services office, Route 153, Essex; at end of Windermere Way, off Mare’s Hill Road, Ivoryton; at end of Windsor Lane and Edgewood Avenue, off Main Street, Ivoryton.