Essex Preserves

The Town of Essex covers an area of 12 square miles with a population of approximately 6,500. Its location along the west bank of the Connecticut River gives it a privileged perspective in an area recognized by The Nature Conservancy as one of the “Last Great Places” in the Western Hemisphere. The natural beauty and vitality of the community is further enhanced by the Falls River watershed which courses through the town’s three villages before flowing into the Connecticut River.

The Town has 27 different open space preserves representing over 1,000 acres or 15% of the Town’s land area. The land trust’s 24 preserves cover 753 acres while the balance is held by the Town of Essex. Town of Essex open space preserves boast over 73 trails with 35 miles of hiking trails. Click on the image to download the Essex Open Space map and brochure.

Essex Land Trust and other Town properties are open sunrise to sunset, and we encourage everyone to enjoy these open spaces. Many have trails and we only ask that a few simple rules be followed. Please do not hunt, camp, bike, make fires, smoke, use motorized vehicles, remove, or destroy plants. Dogs are welcome. However, dogs must be always on leash or under owner’s control. Dogs must be leashed on the following preserves: Turtle Creek, Bushy Hill, and Viney Hill Brook. Be respectful of other walkers and please clean up after your pet.