Caring for our World here at Home

The Essex Land Trust has published Thatchbed Island & its Ospreys, a booklet commemorating the return of Ospreys to its Thatchbed Island property and to the lower Connecticut River region. The booklet celebrates the successful recovery of this iconic raptor, one that practically disappeared from Connecticut. The 45-page, full color booklet features a brief history of Thatchbed Island, the experience of building the platform and installing the camera, recounts the breeding season through pictures taken from the OspreyCam live stream and details the causes of Ospreys decline and eventual recovery.

Publishing of the booklet as well as the cost of installing the Osprey camera were facilitated by grants received from the Community Foundation of Middlesex County. The booklet was spearheaded by board member Jim Denham who coordinated and edited the project. It is a lasting contribution and serves as a reminder of the land trust’s mission: Caring for our world here at home. A downloadable version is available or can be purchased for $7.50 (postage included) by sending an email to All new Essex Land Trust members receive a free copy of this publication.