Caring for our World here at Home

Volunteers are vital to the land trust’s operations and preserve maintenance. We have no paid staff and rely on our membership to staff every one of our events. Including board members, stewards, and other individuals, we estimate that volunteers contribute more than 4,800 hours of their time annually, an estimated value of over $130,000. The land trust continues to rely on our membership and the community to support our efforts with their most valuable asset, time. We have many tasks, both short and long-term that vary from helping plan events, participating on committees, hospitality and greeting at events, photography, trail maintenance, office assistance, and mailings.


A major focus area involves caring for the preserves. Stewards report to ELT’s Preserves Management Director, Leif Owens, for assistance or direction. Maintenance involves creating new trails, keeping trails clear, maintaining gardens, caring for trees, etc. Each preserve is managed by a steward or co-stewards and supported by volunteers as needed.

Other Volunteer Support

To volunteer or if you would like to become a more active part of our team in some other way email us at Or contact our Volunteer Chair, Tom Gezo, at 860-661-6854.